Ruby Rose addresses comments about her weight and opens up about her struggles with acne

Ruby Rose has responded to hurtful comments following a recent appearance at a film premiere in Australia.

The star attended the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere in her homeland last weekend and sparked worry among some fans who speculated about her weight, while others took to social media to comment on her skin.

Firing back, an upset Ruby took to Instagram on Monday. She wrote: “Yeah it sucks.. for me, I don’t see how it’s bothering so many others? but I’m a human. It happens.. one side of my face is clear and the other is a mess.”

Explaining the reason for the flare-up, she said it was down to a string of phone chats she did to promote the new flick as well as a bad reaction to hotel pillow cases.

“Dermatologist says it’s from the bacteria from all the phone interviews I did for PP3 and a reaction to hotel pillow cases (which I already know).”

The star then shared another black and white image of her face, and wrote: “This acne belongs to me, not them, and you are welcome to it.”

While addressing comments about her weight, she said she’s always looked the way she does.

“This is always my back,” she wrote. “I have a tilted posterior (it’s why I have abs but no butt) and spinal curvature from a bad car accident.”

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